BIAS FX 8-10-18 update: Where is it?

  • The PG site specifies that as of 8-10-18, there is a new BIAS FX update to the pitch shift effects but when I go to the Update page the last update available is the 7-31-18 update. Please check the update link, guys!

  • I believe that is the latest, v1.6.3.3532, Release Date - 2018-07-31, if you read the release notes it says

    "Changes in BIAS FX Desktop

    Feature Enhancements

    Improve the volume compensation when a second microphone is added to the CAB module of BIAS AMP
    Be able to modify the CAB module of amp in expansion pack
    Update DSP engine to r1611 to improve the sonic attributes of the following effects/pedals:
        - Octaver (for BIAS FX Std) 
        - Bass Octaver (for Bass Expansion Pack)
        - Poly Octaver (for BIAS FX Pro)
        - Pitch Shifter (for BIAS FX Pro)
        - Fuzz Arsenal (BIAS FX Pro)
        - Ambient Reverb (for BIAS FX Pro)

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    Switch stereo to mono making sound looping
    MIDI Assignments / Effect toggle does not work issue
    Fixed the crash issue when opening multiple BIAS FX plugins
    Fixed the crash issue when trying to save changes in REAPER