Use POD500X as midi controller for Bias Amp 2 Wah-wah?

  • Hi,

    I'm leaning towards getting the Bias Amp 2.
    I have a L6 POD500X and wonder if it would be possible to control the Bias Amp wah with the pedal on the POD?
    I have the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB audio interface which also has midi.

    Does anyone have some examples of the Bias Amp wah?
    I have no clue, never heard it.


    / Johny

  • A2

    I think I read that the 500X lost the earlier units' abilities to be MIDI controllers, but I'm not sure. Pod XT Live works great, for Bias FX wah....I don't think there's a wah in Bias Amp

  • No FX in Bias Amp2

    Only in Bias FX

  • @mike_studio

    Thanks for the replies guys.
    As I'm only going to use it for fun in my apartment I guess Bias FX is the better choice.
    And get some midi foot pedal

  • The POD sends MIDI out, so: yes. In fact the Line6Support channel on youtube did an entire series of videos explaining how to use it as such. It is pretty straightforward if you understand MIDI.

  • A2

    What was it they dropped from the HD500? Was it just MIDI over USB, and they still have MIDI over the MIDI ports?

  • @pipelineaudio

    Quote from someone on the L6 forum:

    use my HD500X to control all sorts of MIDI things - it is a bonafide MIDI foot controller. The knobs of the HD500x can not be assigned, but you can assign all buttons and both the on board (and extenal expression pedals if you have). I've never had the pleasure of playing with a Kemper, but if it is standard MIDI spec the FX500 should work great!

    It is clearly working via MIDI out for that user. The OP's 6i6 has a proper MIDI input so he is good to go regardless of the USB implementation. Later in that thread a Line 6 rep says that neither unit (HD or HDX) supports MIDI over USB.

    Weird because the Line 6 Shortboard MkII can be used as a MIDI over USB controller.

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    So weird how theyll just tank older stuff, dont knbow if its intentional crippleware or what, but say the ASIO and MIDI drivers between today's FireHawk FX vs the ten or more year old XT Live and PodXT drivers is mindblowing, They seem to have split the lines instead of using the same drivers. The Pod drivers were decently low latency and had the ability to break the direct path completely, the newer drivers are total gardbage, no features and horrific latency