Looking for consultant for Bias & Logic

  • I've been using Bias on an iPad, dabbled in Garageband and just purchased my first Mac computer with Logic Pro X and Bias desktop and need help syncing my Bias presets with Bias desktop / plugin. If you would like to help me with this please call me at
    808.870.2222 and I can pay you with Paypal . Thanks Jim

  • @jim-mccall Hi Jim, unfortunately there isn't really a way to sync presets across devices. You either have to rebuild them, or you have to upload them to the ToneCloud and then re-download them to your new device. But once they are uploaded to the TC, they are publicly available.

  • Hi Dan
    Yes, thanks, I just received this from tech support too...:
    Hi Jim,
    Thank you for writing to Positive Gird,The only way to sync presets cross-platform (iPad to iMac) is via ToneCloud I'm afraid, the presets formats of the BIAS FX iPad and BIAS FX Desktop are different. Thank you! Kind Regards,
    Positive Grid Support

    and Sweetwater just sent me this link saying this is the latest from Positive Grid, published on Friday:


    I guess we will be uploading and downloading one at a time