• Hey,
    my name is Stefan and I am new to BIAS FX.
    I did not found any help for my question in the existing threads so I started a new one. Hopefully it's not already been discussed somewhere.

    My question:
    I run a pedalboard (real pedals) in stereo. This means I come out of the board with two different signals for two different amps.
    Is there a way to use these two different outputs of the board for two inputs for the BIAS FX? It looks like the BIAS FX alway has the splitter in DualMode, but I do not need the splitter, just one amp for one input.

    Would be cool to get any help for that.


  • If you are talking about in studio, then yeah you can run 2 inputs into your ADA converter, and try panning left and right for the effects, but do not think this will translate into stereo. Or 1 signal to bias fx software or plugin, and then run another bias fx plugin for the second chain.

    if you really have 2 separate signal chains on your peddle board, that you run some effects in stereo, then this will not work with the bias software.

    If you have 2 separate signal chains on your peddle board for 2 amps, this will not work with the bias software. I ran into the same snag as well. The feature with bias fx using dual amps is nice, but it has a splitter and 1 signal out of that chain, so no separate dual amp chain.

    You can run 2 bias fx plugins, but will take up a lot of resources on your computer.

  • A2

    Stereo routing is a bit confusing in here, but as I like to put a harmonizer before the amps, I can confirm that at least into (some? All the ones I tried) the heads in biasfx, it treats them as two discrete inputs (I don't know why they would do that, but I'm happy for it)