BIAS FX seriously needs scaling. I can't see jack shit on my 4k monitor.

  • This has been asked for so many times, but Positive Grid seems to ignore us. I can't see anything on my 4k monitor. It's like super tiny, and the application almost gets unusable. Okay you don't want to spend money on scaling, but you could at least introduce two alternative sizes. One which is like the one you have now, and another one which is like 150%. It's not that hard....

  • I think when more people start to use the products, more and more of these questions will come up.

    Will be growing pains and a challenge for sure for Positive grid, but at some point, the company needs to step up and address what we are saying, or people will be swayed to look for something else, hope that is not the case, like the product, but some tweaking here and there needs to be done.

  • supposedly they were working on it, but they've been kinda dodgy about the subject, so who the heck knows at this point. As a fellow 4Ker, it's been pretty frustrating, and a fix for the DPI problem couldn't come soon enough :expressionless:

  • If you are on a mac use can use the 'Accessibility' menu in preferences to enable zooming with the mouse/trackpad when a certain key is held. I do this... But yeah, this should happen. Revalver can do it and it hasn't been updated in years.

  • Same problem here. What ironic is that the Bias window is bigger on my iPad than the one on my MacBook. I keep reaching to the top left to expand.

  • If it's a stationary system....or if it's not (easy to get or make-shift a case for).....get an inexpensive 32'' monitor to out to. Then you can dual-screen if you want.

  • My use case is to have it work on my Surface Pro in tablet mode, and to use the touchscreen to adjust controls.

    Personally, It's a complete showstopper if I can't use it this way

  • I don't touch my screens. You dirty bastards. If it's a 'tablet', it should work.