• @ash-wolford Do you work for PG ? or know people that work there ?

  • @mike_studio no more than anyone else here. I just know a few things about product development, particularly in the hardware/software markets. Everything I'm saying is based on my personal analysis as both a user who has followed the company for a long time and someone familiar with how the technology and markets for these things work. So don't take my word as something straight from PG Marketing's mouth, but rather simply third-party analysis backed by some years of experience and plenty of market precedent.

  • Can you transfer the software with the redeem card to another user ?

  • A2

    I already drew up a sticker pack that would allow most of the control we need from the existing heads' control. The stereo thing may or may not be all that much of an issue the way people usually run the dual heads

  • Lets be realistic though. Do you really think they'd pass up the opportunity to have us buy another expensive box? /s

    Really though, stickers to reallocate controls is not something that would be acceptable to someone in charge of making these decisions. If the controls as-is aren't optimal for the job out of the box, it won't fly.

    I mean sure, we as gigging musicians are used to slapping stickers on things, but a project manager would never accept that for a product update.

  • A2

    I dont know, the helix sticker pack did pretty good, but yeah, a lot of thought had to go into not obsoleting the existing stuff