bias rack and krk rokit monitor

  • hi.
    I connected my rack bias to a krk rokit5 monitor with an xlr cable, but the sound is lousy.
    does anyone know how to get a good sound?
    thank you

  • @alexps1973 do you have speaker emulation turned on? Are you using stock presets or tone cloud ones? I use my bias head with a cab so I can't be fully certain, but I've seen a lot of monitor/frfr users often write one about having to run a high and low cut filter to sound good (not seen this about the bias but it may be the same)

  • Yeah it is going to take a little bit of tweaking to run direct into reference monitors or live PA monitors.

    Need to play with the EQ and as mentioned High and Low shelf and filters.

    Some basic info:

    If you search youtube, I am sure you can get some patches that sound really good, and or information on how to adjust the bias head to compensate for the harshness of certain patches.

    Also as mentioned, the cab sim should be turned on. Also, the sort of cab and mic combo is important, so going to take a little bit of tweaking. Had to do the same for my 11R and Digitech 1101 to sound good live.

  • so i just have to activate cab sim?

  • @alexps1973 if it isn't already then yes. Might need some extra eq but head into monitors with no cab sim will sound horrible

  • @alexps1973 Yes.. It should be on, but check it just in case. Should be getting some good sounds and as mentioned, might need some EQ and filters to get it the way you want it.

    I am sure there are many patches on the tone cloud that you can start with, or if anyone here has a link to a patch to get started, would probably help quite a bit. You can see what people have done with their patches and start from there.

  • The 100 amp presets on the tone cloud would be a great place to start, I use them all the time so I'm sure you'll find some to your taste and tweek from there

  • thank you all, I will try your advice