Switch in / out FX in a preset using MIDI

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    I was certainly able to get my Ground Control Pro to talk with Bias FX stand alone through a MOTU 828 MKIII Hybrid.

    I can do patch changes which would be awesome enough but I do not understand how to get the GCP and BIAS to work together on turning individual FX on and off as well as setting up a Volume pedal plugged into the GCP.

    Can anyone pass me some easy to understand links on how to do it? It would be nice to turn delays etc... on and off with the GCP within a preset.

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    If you can set any switch in "control change mode" from you GCP, all you have to do is to go in midi settings->MIDI Control Assignments-->Add new control assignment-->choose the pedal/function you want to control->MIDI Learn->push a switch in control change mode from your GCP and you're done..

    You can learn more about this in my last post in this thread:

  • Yes, that was helpful. Thank you. I'm still a bit slow as to how to work it but I think I can in fact set up the switches on the GCP to toggle fx. Ill work on it today. You've given me hope LOL