BIAS FX - Can't click on cabinet models in the top of the list.

  • In Windows 10 x64, When I go into the cabinet section of the control panel and select cabinet model I can't interact with the top two entries in the list. It looks like the menu is coming up underneath the path section, so anything in that part of the window is not clickable. Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing.0_1533332493209_Capture.PNG
    Maybe this is just an issue with the demo version, but it's the sort of thing that pulling me back from a position of "buying this as soon as I get paid" to "maybe I should hold off for a while."

  • I am getting the same problem I am having with an authorized copy of Bias FX Standard. I can't access the bypassed Cabinet or the 1x12 Black Lux. It's a shame because I like using the Black Lux cabinet.

  • Exactly the same thing here!

  • Works fine here, (but I'm on v1.6.13174, BIAS Fx Pro, Windows 10 64bit), can't go forward to either of the 2 latest updates as the GUI spaz's out and becomes unusable.

  • Same problem here. Plus no option for loading IR cabs they need to fix this

  • Moderator

    Hi all, we're aware of this issue and the fix will be included in the v1.6.4 update, thank you