New Bias FX iPad release, no sound

  • Has any installed the new update recently and had issues with sound. Regardless of what interface I use, Sonic Port VX, Presonus iTWO, or iRig HD2, the amp volume controls do nothing. When switching between patches, the volume goes way crazy and loud almost blowing out my ear drums. AmpliTube and other guitar effects applications work just fine with the same interfaces. I re-installed Bias FX and didn’t restore any settings, now there is no sound at all, even though there is line in activity on the meter.


  • @randy ok I’m not updating then

  • That's why i don't update PG's apps if there is no added important feature listed in the description.
    They just add bugs.
    If you really want to update, never forget to backup first

  • I was playing the updated FX with an iRig Pro Duo yesterday, without problems.