Buy account

  • Hello! I own the Bias Amp 2 Pro in my own Positive Grid account and someone else wants to sell their account with the Bias FX Pro and Bias Pedal Dist / Delay (cheaper).

    Will it be possible to buy the account, change the email for my Positive Grid and have both download links in my account (My Bias Amp 2 Pro with your Bias FX Pro)?

    In the event that I can not do it ...

    Is it possible to install and use Bias Amp 2 and Bias FX (together -combining amps with pedals-) with different accounts?

  • My guess is that you could use two different accounts by using them in a DAW. You could have two instances of Bias FX with an instance of Bias Amp in between. Turn off the amps in both FXs (you'll need to turn up the volume of the plugin).
    That way you have pedals before and after the amp. I guess that would mean you can have FX on one account and Amp on the other.
    I use that configuration (but with just one account) to keep the possibility of modifying the amp on the fly.

  • File a support ticket (or have the seller do so) and ask about license transfers. Most companies allow a user to transfer their license to another user. I would not mess around trying to get two accounts to work, personally. My time is worth a certain amount of $$.