Tone loss when connecting directly to head (in comparison with buffered bypass pedals)

  • Hi everyone! I've noticed the following problem with bias head.
    When I connect guitar (passive pickups) to the head through pedal with buffered bypass (guitar-boss pedal-head) and the pedal is in bypass the signal is fine.
    But when I connect same guitar by the same cable to head directly (guitar-amp) I can clearly hear the high frequencies loss.
    Am I doing anything wrong or there is no input buffer? Because this does not make sense that having more connections makes signal better.

  • What pedal is it? Is it possible the pedal could be adding the top end rather than the guitar losing it when plugged direct?

  • Actually any pedal with buffered bypass! So I'd advice everyone who has passive pickups try putting pedal with buffered bypas in front of amp, it really makes a difference, much more clarity in the sound. Tried with several guitars and pedals, the result is consistent!

  • A2

    Thats both disturbing and heartening. It means some pickups are being treated extremely optimally by Bias Head (probably) while the rest are "getting the shaft"

  • I have a Comp(Xoitic), a JHS Muffeletta, a Tumnus, and a JHS Bonsai going into the front end of a Mini and I don't have and different hi end as when I've gone direct with no pedals. Interesting.

  • Noticed the same thing.
    I ended up programming an eq (in a multi fx pedal) that sounds the same as my direct in signal. This way I can tweak the amp any way I like and have the same sound when playing with fx!.