Bias Amp 2 acting as Limiter when imported to Bias FX

  • Just what it says in the title, really. (I am using Bias Amp 2 and Bias FX on an iPad Pro.)
    When I send an amp from Bias Amp2 to Bias FX i seem to be unable to use any pedals before the amp to boost output level.
    I've tried everything I can think of - boost pedals, overdrive level controls, EQ levels - nothing can get more output from the amp. I've sent the amps back to BA2 and zeroed compression as much as possible then exported to BFX again - still no go. It's as if there is a built-in limiter on the amp. Any ideas?

  • A2

    That's exactly what it should do. Distorted amps (and to a real degree, clean ones as well) are nonlinear devices. They ARE compressors/limiters/saturators. If you want the amp louder at the output, put your pedals after the amp. If you want more gain/sustain/flat out square wave rectum-frycation, put them in front

  • @pipelineaudio That sounds logical. It's a pity we don't have an effects loop option in Bias Amp - I was kinda hoping to find one in BA2, but no - maybe in 3.