Can I used BT-2 or BT-4 to control patch up/patch down on MainStage (macos)?

  • Hi there,

    I Use MainStage as a performing keyboard player, and I have a foot switch connected to my keyboard controller sending MIDI CC14, which is then mapped in MainStage to 'next patch'.

    I'm looking for a bluetooth alternative and BT-2 looks really interesting - but I'm a bit confused. The product page calls it a 'Bluetooth MIDI controller' but then the FAQ at the bottom of the page mentions that only iOS is currently supported. Does that mean that if I try to pair one with a Mac and use the 'MIDI Studio' under macOS's 'Audio/MIDI setup', I won't be able to receive MIDI messages from the device?


  • @shai-yallin Not sure about the BT* pedals but I know for a fact IK's blueboard works with a Mac using MIDI over bluetooth. It requires you to run their application in the background on the Mac to establish the MIDI over BT connection but it also requires an app on the mobile devices too.

  • Currently, BT2/4 only works with iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • Any updates there?

  • I think you can use d it, but for that, you need to know some process, which you can found Router Technical Support team.