Output levels vary using Tone Cloud models

  • Hey all, I’m new to the group and Positive Grid in general and just purchased the Bias Head. All the stock amps/models are the same output/volume level when plugging directly into a cab, but almost every amp match or preset I download from tone cloud is noticeably quieter or louder than the default presets. Is there a way to fix this so all are the same output level? Messing around with the gain and master volume for the downloaded presets doesn’t do anything. Sorry if this is a dumb question or has been covered already, I’m just a noob.

  • Yes, volume control is a problem with PG's stuff. The tone cloud stuff varies wildly because people use their preset's level to try to control the overall output level of whatever they are driving so some people their presets so cranked they are painfully loud and/or clip on a reasonably setup system. It's a drag.

    I usually load the preset and then edit it for level.

  • @elric Is there any way that you know of to edit the level so that the output will be level when switching between presets live? I’m going to be using the head as my live rig and I found a great lead tone but it’s screaming loud compared to the clean tones that are pre-loaded. Or is that what you meant, and I just don’t know how to do what you’re suggesting?

  • Yep, disregard my last post. I'm an idiot and figured out what you were talking about and was able to save presets at a more uniform volume. Thanks for the help!

  • How does any other product line with community user patches handle this affair? Or do they?

    I think the issue is that a lot of people set their patches to the circumstance - rather than setting it to a certain dB level, and then lowering the channel volume of whatever mixing device they're running into.

  • Alright so I’m still kind of having an issue. The only way I was able to adjust level was by turning down the master volume a little to match the dB of the other channels, and then saving the new preset... which isn’t ideal but gets the job done without totally altering the tone.

    But this doesn’t work the other way around. If there is a preset where the dB level is just way too low, turning up the master just pushes the amp. Any ideas on how to actually adjust the level so it matches the output of the other presets?


  • @shane-m-werley There are other areas within the signal flow where things can be pushed up in volume (such as the Transformer>Output level). You'll have to experiment with these to see which sounds best for the preset.

    Basically, the issue stems from the way that people create the preset. There are things in their signal flow that don't match your signal flow, so the preset might be louder or quieter for you than it was for them.

    What would be a great option would be an overall preset master level that you could manually adjust if needed, but they don't have anything like that quite yet, so you have to go into the signal flow and make adjustments there.

    Hope this helps.

  • A2

    Since I'm always using impulses, I just adjust it at the impulse level. There should be per preset volume levels AFTER any possible nonlinear FX, but this works usually, ok-ish for me for now sort of...Would suck at a gig if I had to change it though!

  • Yep, have just stumbled on the same issue. Makes using tonecloud patches in a live setting very difficult, as switching from one patch to another (via midi footswitch) means wildly varying volume levels.

    Would be keen to hear if anyone has found a better workaround than delving into the guts of tones downloaded from tonecloud ...