Will Bias FX ever be integrated into mini's and hows sound quality compared to using ipad bias amp?

  • Two questions:

    1. Does PG have plans to eventually integrate Bias FX into the Mini amps so the presets can include both amps and effects?

    2. How does the sound quality compare when running the bias minis vs. running the ipad version of Bias Amp through a clean, pure amp?

    Thank you!


  • @jeremy-sherman Welcome. I wouldnt hold my breath.

    Positive grid is a small company and I assume they'll avoid rushing into things.

    As of right now they are breaking their heads trying to decide if a floor unit with FX and amps is feasible.

    I say not going to happen

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    Oh it'll happen, the question is whether they'll do it or if I have to. The software is ready, the hardware is tricky but not insurmountable. Anything they do hardware wise will be 100*40 billion times better and more convenient than what I can do, but I tire of lugging my custom setup around and just want an all in one floor pedal or combo, so I am making sure I can do this as a contingency plan

  • @pipelineaudio Have you applied for a job at PG? You have my blessing

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    If they need me for that, they know where to ask, I'd be happy to. This last few years I've been freeing up a lot of my time so I can pursue more stuff like this that is important to me.

  • If I get this right you can not integrate bias fx to the mini amp?

    I'm looking to get my set up smaller for touring and to ensure I have consistent sound whilst touring with overseas.

    The guy at the music store said the effects just plug into the bias 2 but that doesn't seem to be the case online.

    If I buy a guitar mini will I only have the amp sim and not the effects even if I purchase the package?

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    Unless you run a VST host along with it, yes....There are several not so convenient ways to do this right now, and hopefully at least one convenient way

  • Yeah I wouldn't hold my breath. BIAS Amp and BIAS FX have two different purposes and slightly different markets, and the hardware amps are meant specifically for the amp-tweaker demographic that BIAS Amp caters to.

    If they decide to put out a hardware BIAS FX, I expect it will almost definitely be released as some sort of new floor unit rather than an update to existing hardware units.

  • @ash-wolford they (PG) seem to have it all. What’s the deal? I’d buy their floor unit in a heartbeat

  • @alderre right, and that's exactly why they won't integrate it into the amps/racks. They know we'll buy a floor unit anyway if they release it =)

    Heck, all one has to do is look at what they did with the hardware 'version' of BIAS Pedal -- they released it as three separate very-expensive pedals. They'll definitely make the BIAS FX hardware unit its own thing.

    ....that is, if they release one at all. Imagine how much more money they'd make from people buying a BIAS Mini plus all three BIAS pedals...