So, what connectivity problems am I going to have?

  • For lack of better description, I'm an old-newbie posting for the 1st time here.

    I'll just jump in with what I'm planning, & if any of you would be so kind to jump in & tell me if I'm on target or am missing it, I'd deeply appreciate it:

    I'm planning on having 2 boards built with the following devices:
    Board 1:
    Audient iD4
    2 Magic DI's
    Board 2:
    Nektar Pacer
    2 expression pedals (either Fractal or Nektar)

    I'd be controlling Bias FX from an iPad (pro - lightning).

    Here's what I know as well as been told:

    Bias FX would only handle one expression pedal. That's not a problem as that the idea of having the Pacer (has 2 exp. pedal jacks) is so that I could move to devices like Kemper, Helix, etc. So, only one exp. pedal with Bias FX.
    Also, I'm told that the lightning cable won't handle more than one device, yet I'm seeing controllers & interfaces together controlling Bias FX, & I'm talking USB, not the bluetooth controllers like the BT-4 & the iRig's bluetooth controller. So again, the idea of going to the Pacer is to control other devices when I'm not using it for Bias FX.
    So, would I need a USB hub? MIDI thru, go that way? I've been told a USB hub both wouldn't & would work.
    And I've been told from Nektar that it "should" work.

    So, the big question is connectivity. Anyone out there with a clue/advice, your thoughts would be MUCH appreciated as well as your time.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @ovaltine52 , welcome. I think you'll get several suggestions, lots of people are working towards the same idea as you are.

    Sounds like you want a stereo audio interface, and

    a MIDI controller.

    I can vouch that BIAS FX can handle two expression pedals. I was testing that this past weekend, putting my old POD XTLive into use as a MIDI controller. Here's a link -

    I think connectivity of the audio interface and the MIDI controller is going to be an issue for you unless you want to think about bluetooth. There are ways to make it work, just see in the link above.

    For the audio interface, I'm not familiar with the Audient, but I do see in the videos that you can use their USB cable and an Apple camera kit to connect to the lightning port. If you love the Audient, then that's a good way to go.

    There are other audio interfaces that go straight to the lightning port, I've been using a Focusrite iTrack Solo, which has stereo RCA outputs. (I bet there are others that have quarter inch outputs.)

    I posted awhile back about a couple of setups I've been experimenting with, that link is here -

    With the Audient stereo outputs, are you planning on using this setup for recording?

  • A2

    Audient's ASIO drivers are seriously excellent...hopefully its the same for iOS

  • Well I thought I clicked the "notify" button, but apparently it didn't take as I'm just now getting these replies.

    Thank you both a TON!!

    So redroc.k; Thanks for the welcome. I think I happened across one of your posts searching for answers. I'll check both your links out thoroughly.

    Yes, thanks for the heads up that Bias FX can handle 2 expression pedals. I hear you on going to bluetooth. Thing is, I'm seeing it get done with both the stereo interface & USB controller, & I'm thinking the answer lies in the Apple camera kit. I might just take the plunge with the iD4 & Pacer, & if I run into an issue, not really a problem as I can use the Pacer for other devices as mentioned above. I have a friend that appears to be getting it done (but not confirmed) using an Apogee Duet & a line6 FVB Express going to the Bias FX & iPad.

    I guess the main reason I don't want to go bluetooth is the noisy buttons on the BT-4, & though the iRig 4 button would be the obvious, it has only one jack for an exp. pedal. Hey, worst case, I'll just go bluetooth, use one exp. pedal, & move the Pacer to another rig.

    Main reasons I'm sticking with the Audient iD4 is design; knobs on top, price, & the nice, real deal stereo outputs that will go to the 2 Magic DI's. So yes, to answer your question, definitely a studio rig.

    I've got other application ideas in mind, but if I can just get the "2 USB devices to Bias FX/iPad" issue worked out, that'll open a bunch of doors.

    You've been a HUGE help, redroc.k. MUCH appreciated!

  • @pipelineaudio

    Good to hear, I appreciate that vote. A reason or 2 I don't copy my friend & use the Duet is I just can't warm up to the connectivity, though I'm sure it sounds great. And it's really too expensive for what I'm trying to do. And because the iD4 will be mounted to a pedalboard, the knobs facing up definitely work for me.

    Thanks again, @pipelineaudio!

  • @redroc-k

    Oh & yeah, I do hope more suggestions pour in.

    Thanks again, @redroc-k!

  • Okay, just so I've got all reading my thread updated, I've ran into a snag & better understand why the Apogee Duet is the better choice:
    It does MIDI over USB. Audient doesn't. Now sure, there are plenty of interfaces out there that do MIDI over USB. Even my old faithful AudioBox USB does MIDI over USB. But if I want that "controls up/stompbox like" design, I guess it's going to be the Duet, though I'm not crazy about the connectivity, & for me, it's a tad pricey.

    The Pacer is still looking like a "go", even if it doesn't work out for iOS.

    Thanks for stopping by. Any further advice always appreciated!

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    Do the Zooms work over iOS? As much as I like Apogee converters, their history with drivers has been terrible, so it scares me a bit

  • @pipelineaudio Greetings!

    Apparently they do. My friend's rig is the Duet with line6 FVB Express going to Bias FX via the lightning to USB (Apple Camera Kit) adaptor. Things have to be set up on the Mac of course, but he's got the USB devices talking iOS. And as far as I know, his work sounds great & continues to get hired.

    Apologizing in advance; "Zooms"?

    I know I'm being persnickety, but I'd like the interface to be "controls up/stompbox like" as possible. Another interface I considered was the Arturia AudioFuse. Got it ALL, & then some, but pretty much overkill for what I'm doing, & a bit over budget. And then again, not that much over from the Duet in price. At this point, dunno.

    Thanks for your reply, @pipelineaudio!

  • @ovaltine52 I had no idea that you could do multiple USB connections to an iPad using a USB hub. A little searching shows that people are doing just that though. I think your MIDI over USB design is pretty good. Please keep us posted about how it turns out.

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    Zoom has some of the best drivers on Mac and windows, relatively cheap and makes one model ithe knobs up, which is a good idea in this sort of application. My favorite iOS devices are Sonoma Wireworks. I’m sure the apogee is fine at this point, but too many bad experiences with their drivers would sap my confidence

  • If you are interested in Zoom interfaces and MIDI be aware that some of their interfaces (at least this has been confirmed for the Zoom TAC-2 and UAC -2) have an issue where they are continually broadcasting sysex messages (they do this for the benefit of their control software according to the manufacturer).

    This makes them a royal pain when trying to use MIDI 'learn' in some DAWs. I was considering them and passed for this reason as I use MIDI learn with my controllers all the time.