Best way to get the same level for each Preset (Bias Head Processor) ?

  • Hi everyone,

    What's the best way to get the same output level for each Preset saved in the Head (Bias Head Processor)?


  • hi, I set the levels through the vu meters of logic pro

  • Hi Giuseppe,

    I use the Bias Head Processor "Live", directly connected to the mixer.
    So when I go from 1 preset to another, I would like to have the same output level.

  • hy @Serge-Cattoul. I use Bias rack live too. what I do is level all the patches in studio with logic(using the CAB level of each amp), so, on stage, I have only to set the master output.

  • @Giuseppe-Di-Blasi
    OK I see. Thank you!

    You may help me with another issue I have.
    With clean sounds (the more you have distorsion, the less you hear it) I have sometime some "noises" that seems to come from digital clipping or something like that... If I decrease the input level (with the guitar pickup potentiometer) this desappear...
    My first idea was that it come from a too high input level, clipped in the Head input.
    But I found strange that a device like the Bias Head can't handle "common" guitar output level...

    So it can come from any of the different stage in the amp structure isn'it ?
    That's not easy to check "in" and "out" levels, there are no visual indications (like an overload led, vu-meter,...).

    What's your feeling about that ?

  • yes, you're right, LEDs would be very useful. in any case you have to pay close attention to the cab level. I do the levels from the audio interface, using the Bias plugin setting the gain of the audio interface so that it never goes in red, but that is still loud enough (the same thing I do when I connect bias rack to the mixer). at this point I set the cab level so that it never goes into a clip, but it gets something in yellow. In this way I get balanced volumes between patches and I'm sure I never go into clips. clean sounds have a higher transient and it is easier to go into clips. Once I have fixed everything, I transfer the amp to the rack. I hope I have helped you