Bias FX Spring Reverb FL Studio Issue [Solved]

  • Hello Forum!
    Apologies for my first post being an issue but frustration is no fun as we all know!

    Soooo when I use any kind of spring reverb on Bias FX on FL Studio I get this horrible feedback/twang sound, not really sure how to describe it, but it is not pretty.

    Here's a link to a soundclip of madness,

    I've tried Bias FX on abelton and I do not have the issue there. I've also reinstalled and repaired Bias FX as well and it just will not work on FL Studio for me. Maybe its some setting issue I have on FL Studio?
    Running my guitar through a Focusrite 2i4 into a mixer channel with Bias FX in the chain. Nothing else. Maybe this is wrong? I'm quite new to recording in general so I'm pretty ignorant!

    If anyone has any ideas or has dealt with this before, let me know! It'd be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your time and for reading.

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    Unfortunately we don't officially support FL Studio currently,

    However, You might try this:

    To fix the audio issue, within the plug in processing tab, make sure the "Troublesome Plug-In" option is checked so that it will render utilizing its own methods.

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    Yup! That worked, I checked the bottom right option, "Used Fixed Sized Buffers" and now my spring reverbs are not completely destroying themselves, it sounds great now!
    Thanks for the reply, now I do not have to stack a different spring reverb on top of Bias FX.

  • I just had a ticket for the same thing. I noticed this problem on all Fender products, not just the spring reverb but all the amps that can be downloaded from the cloud. Some funny going on with sample rates? Anyway, the fix says Bias please call FL support and play nice.

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