FX loop not switchable :-/ HOw to achieve louder leads with delay?

  • Hi there!

    I wanted to make the switch from conventional tube amps to modeling amps with an FRFR cab (Yamaha DBR12). My choice is BIAS Head or Helix.

    The Helix for sure is more flexible, having tons of effects, an expression pedal in a one-device-floorboord design rather than than the pure amp design of the BIAS head. Though I love the tone that BIAS Amp 2 gives me...<sigh>

    BUT: as I saw the FX loop on BIAS head is not switchable?! :-( So if I want to get a louder sound with a delay I have to step 2 times on the MIDI floor pedal (not included as well...) to switch to a louder preset AND to activate the delay in the FX loop. This is, sorry, a pain in the ass.

    How do you handle those very common scenarios with BIAS head, rack or Mini?

    Thank you very much!

  • Have you ever had a look to some midi loop switcher? There are several brands, but the only one I know is the Boss ES-5. With 1 click of a button, you can change patches (with midi compatible devices like the Bias Head/Mini), activate/deactivate effects placed in the different loops, change loop order (place effects before the preamp or in effect loop of the Bias Head/Mini). Really versatile tool!


  • Sounds interesting, thanks for the hint. But the price is out of my budget...by far :-(

    PG told me that there will be a software update smewhere in the future to switch the FX loop with a conventional MIDI command though...