Bias Mini Guitar Head with Boss RC-3 Looper.

  • Hi, Just bought the Bias Mini Guitar Head and very pleased with it but does anyone have experience of using it with a Boss RC-3 Loop pedal? What would be the best way to use this , at the end of the Bias Head effects loop or from the line out of the head? I have tried and unbalanced out from the head to a mono jack into the looper pedal but the volume is significantly reduced. I would appreciate any advice.

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    @martingreenwood5 Have you tried to use it in front of the Head?

  • HiFelix. Using the looper in front of the head would be ok but you could only use one amp model and you wouldn't be abe to make use of the rhythm guide on the RC3.
    I actually solved the problem by using the headphone out from the bias head into the aux in of the looper. Works great!