Bias amp 2 sounds awful,... please help!

  • My Bias Amp 2 sounds like a distortion pedal plugged into a home stereo (lacking any body or warmth or tone). I hope I'm missing something obvious but I doubt it.
    My signal chain....
    Guitar > Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 > iMac running Presonus Studio One 4 as my DAW > KRK Rocket 5 monitors.
    Tom Quayle's demo made this software sound fantastic. I will not gamble another $100 in order to see if the Celestion speaker bundle will help.
    Any suggestions?

  • A2

    Grab some of my tones off the tone cloud, anything that says "LAR" on it. Especially the Trec and the 5153. They may not be your cup of tea, but I've never before in my life had a sound i could just throw on nearly any distorted guitar track and have it "work" so we can continue tracking, and often just the preset default will survive till final mix. In between crunch and clean I don;t really know how to make it work, but I don;t deal with that much

  • Did you ever resolve this? I found Bias 1 to be incredibly inconsistent - some days I could get it sounding very good, other days (I hadn’t changed anything) it sounded as you describe - tinny and with no body. I became a virulent Bias hater for about a year.

    With Bias 2, I have found that if I switch from a non amp match preset to an amp matched preset, same problem - sound gets tinny and thin (standalone and vst modes). If I close program, re-open, problem goes away.

    There’s definitely some ghost in that code somewhere. And I’m glad to know I wasn’t crazy.

    But other than that, Bias 2 resolved all doubts I had about that platform. It is now, hands-down, my go-to amp sim (I have S-Gear, AT4, Spark, and the LePou set - all great products, but Bias beats them).

    Full disclosure, I’m a mid gain classic rock guy. I don’t use any high gain sounds.

  • It may be an audio driver compatibility thing. I don't use stand-alone, but within Reaper I get this issue where it sounds more like B1, lesser in gain, and quieter until I render a track. Then it sounds correct. I've done volume matching and they sound different. I thought this had gone away with a recent re-do of Reaper, but apparently it's back.