Bias Amp Mini powering on issues

  • Hi, another issue with this device. Without exaggeration, every third or fourth time i turn this on, the red power light comes on but thats it, no other buttons light up. holding the power button doesnt turn it off, i have to unplug it and plug it back in.

  • Moderator

    @davidzais Can you connect it to computer via USB and let me know the firmware version? Please also write to us and create an official bug report here:

  • I have the same problem, i get the lastet versión update 2 weeks ago, 2 day ago i try to turn o. The amp, the red ligth turns on but the back and front panel are dead, and get overheath i get in contact with the official hardware service and tells me only need one mod and the update from the firmware on the front panel, the problem i got now it's i'm in México and it's so dificult to send a internarional shipping cost are to high, some one can share the diagram for the amp to send with my tech and check if he can make the repair, i hope some one can help me :(