Bias Rack/Head save presets to different slot

  • One thing I've found using the bias head is I haven't wanted to mess too much with the gain on amps that I like the clean tones of, because I can only overwrite the current preset unless you do it through the app. It would be cool if you could do it so if you click the save button once, then change preset on the amp to the one you want to overwrite, then hold the save button down for the second time to save it there instead of overwriting the preset you started with

  • @liam I’ve run into the same issue. Great idea!

  • Bizarre. If I was a customer for this product, I might not buy it. But this highlights what seems to be the intended audience: those who buy an amp and don't want to think about too much.

  • @tannhauser For me, I needed a variety of good tones, and I found it in PGs Head and software. That doesn’t mean that anything can’t be improved though. And the suggestion on this thread is a good one. I just think you’re mistaking enhancement requests for hardware/software complaints. The fact that the Head doesn’t do this doesn’t make it a dealbreaker. It’s just a small feature request.

    Can you tell me what you like about PG hardware or software?

  • @tannhauser I have to agree with @danbieranowski , something like saving to a different preset within the amp like I've mentioned isn't a take it or leave it decision for me, just a quality of life thing that could pretty easily be implemented. Like Dan said, I got the amp to have a wide variety of high quality amps and tones, which is exactly what I got.

  • Recall I use Bias FX exlusively. This thread is about the head/rack. I like to have at least one user patch per channel.

  • @tannhauser your comment seemed pretty heavy-handed and negative, which is why I asked what you actually like about Bias products. Hoping for some positivity from you.
    Stating that the audience for Bias Head (which includes both myself and @Liam) "buy an amp and don't want to think about too much" is insulting. We both HEAVILY considered our purchases (Liam did so on this very forum), and found the Head to be an excellent choice. The fact that A) You are commenting negatively on feature requests for a product you don't own, and B ) Your response to the request was to basically say you think people that invest in this product don't think about their purchases is pretty uncool.

  • @danbieranowski : dude, yer wi-ggin. Given the operation of Bias Head and all, it seems to me the intended audience by PG is those who don't want to think about too much but turning on and playing. That has always been the largest guitarist demographic - turn on and play.

    The rest is you just spinning out.

  • So I've had the rack about a week now. I love the tones that are available. The tone cloud is awesome and it can knock the windows out of my house no problem if turned up. All good things. The biggest drawback so far (other than the effects loop not seeming to work correctly) is that you can't save your tone changes to the amp without the software. A bit of an oversight if you play live, want to change a tone on a bank to fit a certain section of a song, or are adjusting tones during practice or shows. Doesn't seem like it would be a big deal to add that feature, but it's definitely needed for the musician that doesn't always have the rack hooked up to their computer.

  • @brian-havrilla when you make a change, you should be able to save that change by pressing the save button. Unless you are saying you don’t want to save over the current patch, in which case you’re right about needing the software.

  • @danbieranowski I'll try doing a factory reset again. But as of right now if I change gain settings on let's say channel 3, and I want to switch to crunch instead of clean it doesn't save those changes on the amp. I figured it should but as of right now if I save my changes then switch to a different preset and then switch back the changes don't hold. It goes back to what it was before I made the changes and hit save.

  • @brian-havrilla interesting! What kind of pedal are you using? Latching? Or MIDI? I bought the official pedal for the head and that has worked properly.

  • @danbieranowski I'm using an fcb1010 bheringer midi pedal. I did the factory reset yesterday, updated to the latest firmware and now it's saving as it should. Kinda a pain to have to re-upload all my amps back into the rack but I'm happy that it's working properly.

  • @brian-havrilla Glad to hear it. Hopefully nothing changes.