Syncronization between ipad and iPhone apps

  • Hello everybody
    In the least few months i purchased the following apps:

    • bias amp 2 for iPad (the complete version)
    • Bias fx for ipad (the complete version)
      On my iPhone i have the JamUp pro (purchased some years ago).
      Now i downloaded the amp2 for iPhone but it seems i have to pay to get the complete version. Is it corredo? I already have it on my ipad...
      Second it possibile to sync the apps from the differenti devices? For example if i save an amp on the ipad Bias amp app, Can i find it also on the iPhone version?
      Thanks for your help.

  • AFAIK you have to pay every iOS version. And the automatic-sync feature (via Tonecloud, so it would work over all installations) is something I extremely long for, too.

  • Really? That is quite bad...😭😭

  • I asked the same few weeks ago and they replied to me that they are different versions and you need to buy them separately.. I honestly do not understand this when Jamup pro is universal for both devices. Also ToneStack is the same in ipad and iphone too so I don't get it.. Positive Grid should rethink this very seriously, at least to all of us that we bought ALL their apps (FX, AMP 2 and JamUp Pro).

  • @mehegama i totaly agree with you

  • Yep, I agree as well. PG do seem to like to get their cash out of you, then move on to something else that means you’ve got to spend out again. It’s why I moved over to ToneStack.