Volume between presets Bias FX

  • Some presets seem really loud and others soft, I'm constantly changing the output signal in the bottom right of the software to get volume parity. Is there a better way to do this?

  • @roam26 knob there's a knob under transformer settings which seems to adjust overall volume of the preset without changing the sound

  • @liam Thanks very much - am using Bias FX and I don't think has this option.

  • I have the same problem with FX and have noted that changing the amp’s master volume doesn’t give the same result than changing the fader bottom right. I think that is because I have effects after the amp, too. I am not sure how to deal with it, too. Maybe by inserting a volume pedal at the very end of the chain for all presets or eventually for all those who have too much output volume. An alternative could be that FX has an individual preset output fader, additional to the software volume fader.

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    @roam26 You can try to insert a volume pedal or EQ pedal (all freq unchanged, use the level fader only) to the end of the signal chain to adjust the output of a certain preset

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    This is one of those quality of life things that really needs to be figured

  • Thing is, amps are often like this. Clean channel, LOUD - gain channel, much quieter. Occasionally this is reversed. One might....ohhhhh......hmmmm.....if measurement is purely in dB, gain tones 'seem' to be loud due to the bandwidth reduction through compression. Then again, volume normalization has been around for a while.....

  • @mike I do that all the time but a proper level control is really needed IMHO. So many tonecloud presets area all over the map volume wise especially when they use a custom amp.

  • Thanks very much for the suggestions everybody, will give the volume pedal idea a go. Seems a bit of a hamfisted approach to something that would be a simple request to fix