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  • I am currently using a BIAS Rack and a Line6 HD Pro for my effects using the 4 cable method (which puts certain fx before the preamp and other fx after the preamp) through the FX loop on the BIAS Rack. Ultimately, my goal is to have 1 normal signal come out of the BIAS as any guitar player would (left), and another channel come out with a 20ms delay(right). I can and have done this with other amps modelers and out of the Line6 by itself. Gives it a really cool stereo spread. On my BIAS, Im NOT using the speaker out. I am just using the line outs w/cab emulation. (2XLR go to a PA, and another unbalanced go to a FRFR Headrush cab)

    Here is the issue and question:
    I've tried for several hours and various configurations to get the BIAS (using the FX loop) and the L/R outs to give that desired result, without any success. I'm assuming that the FX loop is either mono or merges both side into a single signal. So, Im looking for a work around.

    I know I can get the spread stereo sound coming from the line6 L/R outs however here is my question. When using the FX Loop, does the FX return on the BIAS drop the FX signal after the "preamp" portion (before the "tones stack") or does it get applied at the end of the signal chain(after say "Cab" and "EQ"). If the FX return come in at the very end of the signal chain, I can run out of the L6 LR. If it comes in between the "preamp" and "tone stack" I will lose tonal qualities from the "Tone stack", ""Power Amp", "Transformer", "and "CAB" if i try to run out the L6.


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    @vwodwo22 Yes the FX Loop comes with MONO configuration only, and the FX Loop is after Cab-Sim on the BIAS Rack. Feel free to PM or drop me a line.