X Drummer 1.5 Update Announced!

  • Hi everyone!
    Ben here from Positive Grid's X Drummer team. I'm sure you've all heard by now about the highly anticipated 1.5 update that’s coming to X Drummer. As promised, we've added a whole spread of new features, fresh content, improvements and a bunch of cool stuff that you can cross off from your wish list!

    Here’s a quick rundown:

    New features!

    • Recorder: Capture and transform your idea into a song
    • Inter-App Audio support
    • BIAS FX, BIAS Amp, BIAS Pedal integration
    • Revamped UI for faster workflow

    All new content!

    • 80 new drum grooves in the style of Blues and Jazz
    • 7 new drum kits from Vintage to Funk
    • 5 new drum kits available (in-app purchase)
    • 240 new drum grooves (in-app purchase)

    The official release date will soon be announced on Facebook. For now, let us know right here what new features you look forward to the most!



  • First impression after a day of use - Im liking the app - would love to be able to import midi grooves, or make my own grooves in app. And any chance you guys will add a simple sequencer ? Some of the preview samples are clearly off, damping options seem like crude eq filters on the same sample, only 4/4 time signature despite the menu options for 3/4 and 12/8, other than that i can work with it and export midi to desktop. Have yet to try out the AI drummer feature where it should recognize my guitar playing and suggest a suitable drum groove. Keep up the good work guys !

  • Thanks Leon for breaking the ice! I agree that the ability to edit and create your own MIDI grooves can be a huge plus to X Drummer, but our goal is to provide an app that will help cut down the time and effort needed to come up a drum track. We wanted to dissect and simplify what we've known about drum production and MIDI grooves, and provide a software for the iPad that's easy to use. As you mentioned, patterns in 3/4 and 8/12 are limited (although there are 3/4 patterns in the "80s Pop" IAP), we are working on providing new Jazz and Blues MIDI grooves that will help diversify the collection that X Drummer currently features.

    I appreciate the continue support despite some of its shortcomings, but we're very proud of what we were able to improve upon in the 1.5 update. If you have any other thoughts or suggestions, please do let us know!

  • Are there any plans to bring XDrummer to the iPhone?

  • @chadb4184 No plans to develop an iPhone version of X Drummer thus far. We will of course see there's a strong interest in making a version for the iPhone, but from the requests so far there's been a strong indication to develop for a desktop version : )

  • @ben-lee having read the F. A. Q. I thought it would be possible to edit the patterns. Maybe you should rephrase or clarify further this section :

    Q: Can I edit MIDI patterns?
    A: Yes, please refer to our Song Editor article for more in-depth info.

  • Hello Ben.I purchased X Drummer (iPad). I thought the X Drummer icon in Bias FX would open my newly purchased X Drummer and not continue to open X Drummer Sampler. I was told I have to shrink down Bias FX and open up X Drummer. No problem BUT when I click on the Bias FX icon in X Drummer it is a one way ticket. You can not go back to X Drummer from Bias FX. You must shrink down and open X Drummer. It seems they didn’t finish programming and I was told it is not on their priority list to fix realizing it is a problem. I must go on forum to have others complain. I have a lot of Positive Grid’s products for my PC and iPad and I feel they dropped the ball on this one. Thank you for your time. IMO I feel both Bias FX and X Drummer should be able to switch back and forth within each other.