Using Bias Fx with Irig Stomp I/O

  • Hi peoples, recently I've bought the the Irig Stomp I/O pedalboard to use it with Bias Fx for Ipad to use it like a midi controler.
    I've programmed some settings but I didn't find how to make the pedal from the Irig Stomp I/O control the Cry Wah effect on Bias Fx.
    If someone knows how to do it please can you tell me?

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    assuming you have the midi setup correctly to communicate between stomp io and bias fx:

    click on the wah block so it shows the large picture of the wah

    now long press on the top part of the big wah picture, like the part your foot moves

    click "Click to learn MIDI"

    Move your pedal on the stomp i/o

    that should do it in an ideal world

  • Ok, thanks a lot it is working now!
    By the way when I'm using the live view I can change the preset by using the 4 switches on the pedalboard but I can't control the effects (drive,mod, delay, reverb).
    Do you know if there is a way to do it?

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    there likely is, but you only have the four buttons right? I think you can actually somehow force learn on the buttons of live mode, or its in midi/settings/assignment

  • @marvinleprix I'm without a Stomp I/O at the moment, so I'm going from memory and looking at the user manual - but here's how it should work.

    You can put the Stomp I/O into "Preset" mode instead of "Stomp" mode, that is, the red "Stomp" light should be off on the Stomp I/O, and this will cause the Stomp I/O to send the MIDI messages associated with changing the presets.

    Then, in BIAS FX, you can "long press" on the Preset box in Live mode, and you'll see a "MIDI Learn" message appear.

    At that point, you can go through the MIDI Learn steps just as you did before with the effects.

  • Re: Using Bias Fx with Irig Stomp I/O

    Hi all
    It is my first post here (i have been using Bias fx for ipad for some days and i really like it).
    I purchased this irig stomp io but am unable to configure the midi to per him work with Bias fx..i would need both program change and control change (stomp on and off) . I would also need to use the expression pedal for wha, volume and whammy (it depends from the preset).
    Thanks for your kind help.

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    Man thats cool of them to stick the virtual switch on the CC, I was thinking you'd have to drill a hole in there and stick a switch in then wire it to the external switch input.

    @Giorgio-Festa you should be able to assign the wah with a long press on the wah graphic inside bias FX to learn, then move the CC pedal to assign it. Assuming you have your midi setup in bias fx settings correctly

    For the other stuff, I'm not sure how you would do PC and CC at once for the switches. IK may have included a long press or double press mode for PC or bank up, but with only four switches, I'd think you'd have to pick one or the other

  • @pipelineaudio Thanks for the reply.
    Frankly speaking i am not that good in Can i set it up? Is there a manual/thread where i Can find info on the midi programming to let bias fx be controlled by a midi pedalboard (as the irig stomp io).?
    Initially i would like to have at least the cc active (stomps on and off). Thanks

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    I dont have the stomp, but I have the blueboard. Normally with the blueboard, you have to run the blueboard app, not sure if there is one for the stomp, once that's running, it should show which channel it is on and the CC value of the CC pedal (which you shouldn't need since learn should work, but good to know anyway)

    Once the MIDI app for the stomp is running (assuming there is one), open Bias FX and click the gear icon on the top right.

    Click MIDI setting

    Switch "enable MIDI Control on"

    For now, I would say set "MIDI channel" to "all channels"

    Now leave the settings window

    For the wah, click the tiny wah graphic, so that now the big wah picture is showing on the bottom

    Press and hold the top part of the wah pedal (the part that actually moves). This seems kind of finnicky so you might have to press and hold in a few different spots before it catches, but sooner or later a little dialog window should pop up which says "Click to learn MIDI(CC#)

    click that and move the CC pedal on your stomp I/O

    If that works, you know you have MIDI coming in and working, and from there should be able to figure how to assign the other switches the way you want.

  • @pipelineaudio thanks for this great tutorial!!
    The stomp does not have a dedicated app....however the midi cc Numbers should ne on the manual....let’s try later when back home...i keep you updated. Thanks for now

  • Hi
    I followed al the instructions and everything works. Thanks for the help😊

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    Now post some videos of you onstage with the thing!

  • My summer agenda unfortunately is daughter gas born a month ago and therefore no concerts for a while. I will try to make an home video once i can. Thanks again for the help

  • One thing I wanted to add because I didn't see it in my searches:

    • When you're in 'Stomp Mode', you can assign the effect toggle switching on a per-patch basis, rather than having to assign them globally. In other words, in any given patch, you can long press on the on/off light for any given effect and assign that to one of the 4 switches

    • You can also assign the toggle to multiple FX within the same patch. For example if you want to have both autoswell AND a huge delay AND reverb AND modulation come in all at once, just long press on the on/off switch for each of these and assign it to the same MIDI channel

    Once I got into it, I found I can make the iRig/Bias combination quite flexible and useful.