Head/Rack: Please prevent movement of knobs in a LIVE-Mode

  • Sometimes I have weird nightmares. One of these is, that the knobs on the BIAS Rack amp, which stands on our Bass-Stag are moving, due to the vibration of the massive bass. In that nightmare the Gain-Knob was moved to 10, last time tweaking, and now lets the amp-gain jump from 4 to 10.1, just because of some rattling of the cabinets :cold_sweat:

  • @sascha-ballweg This is going to sound silly, but I've seen it done before to prevent such movement. Right before you start your set, take a long piece of gaff tape and lay it across the knob section. it'll hold all your knobs in place without slipping one way or the other. People frequently do this with pedals too.

  • @danbieranowski the solution in my dreams is a bit more sexy / digitally ;)

  • Sexier, if we're being proper. Sigh.....the physical solution is really easier. In any software case, you have to remember that it doesn't know what you want, when you want it. It relies on your presence of mind. It will also fail you based on that. You're at a gig and you turn on this feature. Then you go home. The next day, or days later, you turn it on and want to play. You turn some knobs. Doesn't seem to do anything. Am I fooling myself? Or just tripping? Hmmm. An hour later, perhaps more, you remember the feature was turned on. Oh shit. And back at PG, the bug reports roll in......

  • @danbieranowski I had a similar problem. Take the knbs off and snug up the nuts holding the pots in place. Mine were loose and moving.