Anything new on BIAS FX 2?

  • Hi there!

    After using BIAS Amp 2 since its release (in Reaper with a Tubescreamer in front of it) it's quite a major backfall to use BIAS FX just because of it's (in comparison) quite ugly GUI. The rendering is very pixelated, the tuner isn't usable etc.

    So I still wonder where BIAS FX 2 will be released. Anything new on this topic?

    Thanks in advance!

  • A2

    I'm nudging the best I can, to have the current issues dealt with...trying everything I can to provide the right info, repros and suggestions, I have high hopes for Bias FX 2!

  • UI kicks the shit out of TH3, which is some early 00s-like flat background, and BFX tuner works killer for me.

    What it needs is patch view like B2, so I can see at least most of my long names without having to click on edit. And for bypass to come back so I can try some third-party IRs. Don't know how ya all are doin it......

  • A2

    baking in the IRs, but yeah