Cofused about included Celestion IRs regarding my pruchases.

  • Hi!

    I have Bias Amp 2 Elite + Celestion Modern Vintage Pack. I can one see 2 available Celestion IR options through the UI.

    How many Celestion IRs should I have?



  • Click on the word Celestion between "Bias Amp" and "IR Loader", that's where they live. They are treated differently than plain IRs.
    Although Positive Grid have started selling pure Celestion IRs too.
    But Elite and Modern Classic means you will find yours under Celestion.

  • I know about finding the Celestion cabs part of the Celestion Modern Vintage Pack... But regarding exclusively at Celestion IRs I think I got it now. They are a separate product, no matter if you already own Bias Amp 2 Elite + Celestion Modern Vintage Pack.

    I will need to purchase each of Celestion IR packs in order to have them. Right?


  • If you go to and it says "add to cart" instead of "download" you haven't bought them (if you're logged in that is). Unless something has gone wrong.
    They are a separate product.

  • Thank you for clearing things up!

  • This post is deleted!