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Bias Mini Guitar line out issues

  • Hello everyone,

    I just recently received my mini (about 2 weeks with it) and love it so far.

    I am having trouble with the XLR out on the box not working. When I connect it there is nothing coming out to the board except white noise. Inputs from my guitar have no sound at all. I do have the latest firmware that was pushed to it by BA2 and have tried a few different things to get it to work:

    Unplugging the amp entirely and connecting to XLR, then plugging back in and powering on.
    Connecting to XLR while the amp is already powered on.
    Resetting the amp while the XLR cable is connected.
    Is there something I'm missing?

    I have a nice custom built 2x12 cab with celstions that works just fine on the 1/4" output, but it would be cool to experiment with the virtual cabs/IR and mic placements.

  • Hi.
    I don't have the Mini yet (it's in the pipe) but have you checked the output level?
    The tuning of each output (powered one, XLR, FX Send and headphone) is independent...
    Just an idea...

  • Moderator

    @phil-saindon Hi Phil, have you tried to backup and unplug the power cord before? If the issue still persists, please write to us here
    and we will create an official bug report to our hardware team.

  • @serge-cattoul I have checked the levels on each output. No matter the level there is only a white noise that comes through to the mixing board and out to our sound system

  • @phil-saindon

    Hi i just took my Bias mini to rehearsal for the first time and had the exact same issue, was there ever a resolution to this Phil? I had to go speaker out to my Xitone cab and it sounded absolutely horrible.


    Just as a follow up to this, when i use the xlr out to my Freidman ASM12 powered speaker it works fine, when i use the xlr out into my scarlet 2i it works fine, when i plug into a mackie mixing board nothing.

  • A2

    is there phantom power on o nthe mackie (not that it should matter, but stranger things have happend...

    Also, often these devices don't have all three xlr pins active

  • @pipelineaudio Hi thanks for the reply, yes there is phantom power on the mackie, as to all three pins not being active i was not aware of that. could that cause the issue?

  • @pipelineaudio Is there a way to confirm if all pins are active or not? i believe its a Mackie DL1608

  • A2

    you could probably think of ways to test the + and - pins with alligator clips, and likely check the pin 1 for continuity to ground.

    A lot of console xlr inputs are funny and will only work with pin 2 hot

    A lot of xlr outs on amps are funny and WONT work with pin 2 hot...its all nuts.

    The reason I asked about phantom, is that, although we know 100% that ANY xlr out is eventually going to get plugged into (accidentally or not) phantom power, it MUST MUST MUST still be able to function if that's the case.

    But so many dont, so it could be the issue

    You were saying it works with some other devices, just not this particular mixer right?

  • @pipelineaudio
    Hi and thanks very much for the reply, yes that’s correct. As soon as I got it home I plugged it into my powered cab ( Friedman asm 12) and it worked as well as my Scarlett 2i. But yes with the Mackie I just got white noise like the other user mentioned in this topic

  • A2

    Trying to get some schematics, allegedly mackie is pin 2 hot but I dont know if pin 3 is actually active, or if they have a psuedo balanced scheme or something funny.

    I'd love to hear from PG about how their output xlr is wired and if it has phantom protection

    Is there any way you can use an XLR to TRS adapter and try it in a line input?

    If you have the TRS open, you can try pulling either the tip or ring wire out and see what happens

  • @pipelineaudio Just a follow up on this, the phantom blocker seemed to have worked so that is good news, thanks for all the help!

  • A2

    Interesting! PG said these have phantom power protection, so I'm starting to think its the actual wiring itself. Perhaps someone switched pin 2 and 3 or this is impedance balanced or who knows what.