Bias Head Processor / Bias Mini used with Loop Switcher (Boss ES-5)?

  • Hi everyone !
    I have 2 questions for you, bias head/mini specialist.

    1. I'm using for some years now a fly Rig 5 from Tech 21, and connect it directly in the mix-table.
      I'm not using any guiter amplifier and I'm really happy with the configuration.
      As said in the title, I use a loop switcher (Bass ES-5) to connect my effect pedals and the Fly Rig.

    I'm really interested in the Bias Head or Bias Mini product, but I'm not sure it is possible to use it with my Loop Switcher...

    Here is a diagram of my current setup, and how I imagine I could connect the Bias Head / Mini.


    Do you think that this configuration may work with a Bias Head Processor or a Bias Mini ?

    1. My second question is, is there any reason to use a Bias Head Processor over a Bias Mini ?
      I really hesitate for many reasons : the Bias Mini is more recent, it has a power Amplifier (even if I won't use it at first), and prices are close... Any advices ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !


  • Moderator

    @serge-cattoul Are you going to use the Speaker-Output on BIAS Head/MINI as well? Please check the comparison chart below to see if that helps:
    By the way, there's a separate output selector on the MINI Amp, meaning that you can set each Outputs level separately (SpeakerOutput/LineOutputs/FX-Send). At this point, I'd say the MINI Amp is more live-based compared to the Head Processor. Feel free to PM for any further comments.

  • Hi Felix ! Thank you for your answer.

    Just to be sure, my connection diagram to use the bias head or bias mini with the loop switcher is good ?

    Regarding the choice I have to make between bias head processor and bias mini, is it possible to use the bias mini with no cab connected and speaker output level set to 0 ? And use the line output or headphone output alone ?