What did I just SEE? can't find it now

  • So I was on youtube wasting my life and the was an ad (I skipped before I could read the company name)

    Anyway, it was a third party product for Positive Grid Products. Obviously not official. Like an add-on with amp models and effects. The whole thing looked INTERESTING.

    The ad had terrible graphic design, but the amp models had pretty graphics and real world names.

    I think it may have been just skins for existing amps.

    Anyone else know what i'm talking about?

  • do you waste your live on YouTube? great, I thought I was the only one. But I haven´t seen the ad that you refer. I get a lot of music related ads. A couple a days ago I saw a guitar stand that fits in a very tiny bag and I believe the bag self is part of the stand, too. I forgot the name.

  • @korkenknopfus I'd rather waste my life on this forum to be honest.

  • A2

    Wow! Took half of my complaints and threw them out the window! HOpefully they get this working for pc

  • @sascha-ballweg Thank you. I still dont understand exactly what it does.

  • @alderre Yes that thing is a mess. It messes around with the PG installation, too. I bought it but never use it; it desperately needs some sort of tutorial. Also because it certainly operates via reverse-engineered info in the PG data files if they change the format or something you run the risk of corrupting your data.

    I dunno, just does not seem worth the hassle...

    I'd just as soon see PG build the library amangement features into the tool.

  • @elric what does it do? Could you explain in basic terms?

  • @alderre It's sort of a librarian for Bias Amp. You can edit some of the metadata that PG by default does not have (or at least allow for editing), it also lets you replace icons, look up and tag models vs a real world counterpart, etc. It can find duplicates based on hashtag, it can make a 'hidden' amp available in the program. It can do a bunch of stuff but it is wonky and can mess with your installation if not used correctly which is pretty easy to do with no documentation.

    One key idea is that it can make 'collections' of amps available to the program but honestly this is not useful. I never want just some of my amps available in the app. I always want ALL of them.

    Here: http://www.ampl4.com/

  • @elric Thanks. I just renamed my amps to their real world names and I am happy with them.