Bias FX Uni-Vibe

  • Has anyone else noticed that the Bias FX Uni-Vibe sounds nothing like a real Uni-Vibe.
    And it seems like the controls don’t really react at all when you change them, especially when it’s set to the chorus setting.
    It doesn’t matter where I put it in the chain either, even before or after the amp.

  • It sounds vibey enough to me. But j don’t have a real vibe at hand to A/B them.

    Interested to see what the more experienced users think too

  • I’m hoping to get some responses to my post.
    Another thing I’ve noticed is that when you enable the Uni-Vibe it kills all of the treble resulting in a muddy sound.

  • A2

    I wonder if it can be made/modded in Bias Pedal

  • @pipelineaudio
    I’m not sure, but this is totally disappointing.
    Not only this issue, but the amps I make in Bias Amp2 don’t sound the same when I open them in Bias FX.
    Same thing, muddy sound.

  • A2

    Ive been having good luck going from amp to fx, but I remember with bias amp 2 there were some issues with the stock speakers making things really mushy compared to bias amp 1....I have some frequency comparison charts up somewhere on the forum, not sure if that's the same issue