Amp Match module in BIAS Amp 2 is hitting my i7-8700K by 30-40%!!!

  • I recently upgraded my machine from i7-2600K to i7-8700K and from Win7 to Win10.
    The overall performance is now better, but when I put the sound card buffer to 64 I get about 50-60% of system usage in Pro Tools if I record thru BIAS!!!

    Just now accidentally I mooved the Amp Mutch module out of the line and system usage indicator came down to 20%.
    Any idea, what can be the reason for such a behavior?

  • A2

    is this applying a match or learning a match? I could see why learning at super low latencies would be insane cpu use

  • Sorry, don't know exactly what you mean.
    I use one of "Amp Match" presets from Tonecloud, which I tweaked a bit for my needs. If I push record button on a track where Amp2 is inserted, system usage monitor (inside of Pro Tools) jumps to 60-70%. When I bypass Amp Match module, it comes down to 30-40%. What is still too much in my opinion.
    Today I noticed that the CAB module also eat about 10%!
    If I use bx_megadual instead of Bias seems like it doesn't take even 1% of my CPU.

    I realy like how the Bias Amp sounds, but 60-70% of modern 6 core CPU it's just a pain :(

  • Apps use resources differently and all. The more modular, components versus sections, the more division of resources it seems. Ten percent for a cab section seems decent. Amp match will be like an amp, so no surprise there. Also, we don't know whether PG stuff multi-threads. Not usually means higher overhead.

  • It seems like Amp2 works better under Win7 than Win10.
    I didn't notice such a high CPU load on the same project with same buffer size under Win7. And the machine I used under Win7 was not so powerful as I use now.
    PG support says that their DSP team is aware of this issue. Hopefuly, they will fix it.