Zoom U-24

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    Just updated the chart at http://kailuamusicschool.com/tech/round-trip-latency-roundup/

    With help from @Joe-Kuo testing the Zoom U-24

    This is a ridiculous deal! Given all the sales, it looks like maybe they are discontinuing it, but at a speed just behind the Audient ID4 and its often 99 dollar sale price, plus MIDI! This is an absolutely awesome mobile interface device and would likely work extremely well in the pedalboard project I'm working on. I have the cheaper one on order and will be testing the round trip latency on it as well. Having that volume knob on the top is a serious plus here.

  • @pipelineaudio wow nice maybe it will perform better than the behringer.

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    Its roughly in the same speed zone as the 202hd/204hd....I think a question might be whether either of them handles really hot pickups well, which seems to be a problem in a lot of interfaces

  • @pipelineaudio
    Wow - nice!
    I went for U44 - wanted to have 2 extra XLRs (with attachment) for 4 mic recording setup.
    Only 30 bucks more (plus the attachment - and I may hurry up and get 2xXLR and couple mic ones for full flexibility).
    Maybe you could add Personus Audiobox 2x2 (USB 1.0 model) as reference.

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    Presonus has just not been playing ball with me on their latest stuff...I have a bit on there, but I'm hoping to have more of the newer stuff....looks like great features....they just aren't communicating with me lately the way they used to, so its been slow getting the info.

  • @pipelineaudio I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is introducing ground buzz into my system. Maybe it’s the fact that my amp sims or tube screamer have too much input gain and it’s not really a ground buzz

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    If you unplug your guitar and amp from the interface, your only ground is that USB cable....I get really paranoid thinking about that all the time.

    But then I think of a flashlight...here it is suspended in the air by meat, yet happily working

    I used to eat and have a roof over my head and gas to go between places because I could install these crazy complicated grounding schemes in studios, and man, that is like religious debate whether you are star, or telescoping or ground follows signal, or, or or....SO I'm paranoid, but really, the stuff SHOULD work...today

    I've had wheezing issues with some USB ports, but I don't think I've ever met a ground problem caused by the interface itself. The guitar, amp, and maybe the power supply from my wireless reciever to the interface, on the other hand....youch

  • @pipelineaudio yeah so what I find is this noise that gets introduced when I have both monitors plugged into mains out from the interface. When I use just one monitor it goes away. Weird huh

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    are both monitors powered by the same outlet?

  • @pipelineaudio ive tried in separate sources and in the same power strip. Even when there is no sound coming from the interface there is this low whine