Is there a way to test the sound quality of your stem sound?

  • With all my guitars and pick-ups through all of the interfaces and cables and modelers (soft and hardware) I've used, there has been this scritch sound of the pick on the strings. Especially so with high gain tones. It's not smooth and sort of flicky, like a lighter being flicked open and closed, like when I plug into an amp.

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    I find that on a lot of amps, and bias models that particular "feature" of the real world version of those amps depressingly realistically

  • Really? What haven't you experienced that with?

    Orthogonally: one thing about older solid state amps is the scritch is less common.

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    lots of mellower marshalls, music mans, lots of mellower boogies, the thing is, that absolutely wretched sound actually sounds pretty awesome on single coil pickups, so I think thats why they are meant to sound like that....but for my EMG humbuckers? YUK

  • @pipelineaudio : which EMGs ?

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    I mean any higher gain humbuckers, they make that chip chip sound on some of these kind of amps. Mine are 707's or duncan blackouts

  • Ahhh.

    It's not the same, though. It's like the input algorithm on some modeling software is not accurate. Some seem to be so, but lack the 'sag' that I've found in some others, and none match that I've found in Bias.

  • That scratch sound you mention is pick attack.
    It is one of those aspects that makes your guitar sound cuts through the mix.
    Don't compare your isolated guitar sound to full band mix.
    Try to listen to isolated guitar tracks of your favorite songs and you will hear details of the guitar sound that you never noticed before.

  • @leo-gunawan-ddz : I see you haven't read my profile quote, or seen my B-I-A-S-E-D thread. I've heard most of those things you mention in the recordings. Always hated 'em, too. Like the wishy string sound in Pantera's Clash with Reality where he's sliding a whole tone, back and forth.

    The attack of a sound determines some of the high frequency content of that sound. Only if the sound space is cluttered will more attack make a sound seem more apparent. More attack will also reduce the dynamic volume of a sound. Notice how weak the harpsichord is.