BIAS FX how do I set delay time PRECISELY ?

  • Say I want to try Metheny trick with creating chorus effect via two parallel delays. I need a very precise (1ms granularity) control for that - and you simply cannot do it by dragging mouse around - is there any other way tt set time precisely?

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    Fine tune and direct entry are desperately needed!

  • Desperately is right. You hear positive grid? This one has to be an easy update... right?

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    Law of unintended never know how much stuff itll break

  • Fine tuning by editing value with a keyboard entry?
    I take Lightroom from Adobe as an example: you can easily set values with sliders or be specific with a keyboard entry.

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    Or any decent VST

    Another biggie is being able to see the current value of the parameter without changing it

    And in something with this many moving parts, per model presets would be amazing

  • UI to interact with using mouse is the simplest to use for inexperienced user but almost always the most cumbersome once you acquire some expertise. I think that adding some keyboard shortcuts could go the long way. Hell - I will even settle for dump of all the current parameters to text file and it does not require any sophistication - left to right order in chain is top to bottom in file and anything running in parallel is in curly brackets. Then come name of the box and list of parameters and their numeric values. You can edit the text file and load it back. Of course there are some cases where parameters will have invalid names or values or are set in interactive way. So you popup error message and reject the file. That should ALL be in place anyway - after all they do some form of dump to create a preset - so that is some form of structured file - all you need is add 100 lines of code to format it as text. Or XML - or however else you want to do it. So somebody will take it and write a librarian code or editor - so what - it only benefits the main product. As it is the interface is CLUMSY and may impressed someone for a day - then it become a real chore to deal with it.

  • @pipelineaudio +1. Cmon PG let’s bump this one up the todo list!

  • They are working on it. Too obvious and easy to ignore

  • @alderre i mean, it's been this way for this long already, so why would they take notice now?

  • @ash-wolford because of this thread

  • If you think it’s difficult on a PC, you ought to try it in an iPad. Practically impossible.

  • @tim-ryland You need NINJA reflexes to stop where you want to and NOT trigger the MIDI assign feature.

    Hey @Joe-Kuo @Felix could you chime in? Can you acknowledge our pain?