Trying BIAS FX as VST in Tracktion - can't get end-to-end monitoring.

  • Hi - pretty simple setup. Guitar to Presonus AudioBo. Running Tracktion 7 on Windows 10. Standalone BIAS FX work. VST DLL also workd but only for re-amping - I cannot get it to be heard during the recording time - all I hear clean un-affected signal coming from guitar. Looking around the web reveals that the issue is "end-to-end monitoring" - later renamed to "live monitoring" - if I am correct. But it does nothing - I can't still hear the pluging - is this a known problem? Maybe a demo limitation?

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    Turn off direct monitoring on your hardware (make sure its turned all the way to "Playback")

    alt text

    Make sure "Live Input monitoring is on....I'm not sure if Traktion actually allows monitoring through plugins, but it should!

    Check this thread about input monitoring

  • Great answer. Thanks a lot. I was fiddling with these elements (turning all the way to Playback on Mixer knob) and setting "Live Input monitoring" - but the deal in that case you only actually hear the guitar coming through when you start recording. Which is fine you can set your tone elsewhere - e.g. using standalone app. What gets recorded is a naked sound and then you can tweak it. It actually works nice. I guess I will grab full version now. Thanks.

  • Oh and of course plugin works when you play against the other tracks without recording so I guess it covers it. I actually like the effects A LOT. Just recorded noodling on Autumn Leaves - ability to tweak tone post recording is something I never experimented with - all my previous recordings were mic to amp - old way.

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    Yup, so much flexibility! That’s why it’s often ideal to be monitoring then sound of the plugin but to actually be only recording the dry signal...not only can you chose things later, but editingna clean guitar is way way way easier visually than a difstorted one