X Drummer in Bias FX iPad issues

  • After purchasing X Drummer I noticed the XDrummer in Bias FX still opens as X Drummer “Sampler”. I would assume after purchasing X Drummer that icon in Bias FX would open my X Drummer. I was told I have to shrink down Bias FX and open up X Drummer. No problem BUT when I click on the Bias FX icon in X Drummer it is a one way ticket. You can not go back to X Drummer from Bias FX. You must shrink down and open X Drummer. It seems they didn’t finish programming and was told it is not on their priority list. I must go on forum to have others complain. Seems lame BUT here I am. Please help me and others by complaining about this issue. I have a lot of Positive Grid’s products PC and iPad and I feel they dropped the ball. Thank you for your time.

  • Same issue here.

  • Yeah Ditto, i thought this would have been fixed cos it's bloody annoying!

  • No se que a pasado con estas personas de positive grip ya que están bajando toda su calidad en muchos aspectos ya al punto que no sirven las aplicaciones

  • It sucks just to see an advertisement after buying xdrummer....
    Just call XDrummer instead!

  • I have been frustrated with this as well. This should have been fixed before even adding the button. I enjoy using x drummer but it is a pain to have to go out of Bias effects to open the x drummer app it takes away from the inspired moment when I want to create something.

  • Same deal here. Very frustrating. The button to Bias Amp works. This should function the same way.

  • Is this still an issue? I have bias FX and like the drum tracks but would like to have more drum track options in Bias FX on iPad, so am considering buying XDrummer. I never occurred to me that after purchase that the icon in Bias FX would not open to xDrummer, that seems to be the proposition of having the button there.

    QUESTION: After purchase will XDrummer be integrated to Bias FX?

  • @ussher-michael - for now honestly I'd stay away from the app until it either gets a real update or it goes to the graveyard, the latter is most likely it seams - it has been completely non functional for me on a 2nd gen iPad pro

    hate to say that but they don't seem to care about the app and it is all too easy these days to just abandon stuff since all the consumonkeys want the next best thing and have very short memories and attention spans

  • The issue still exists. Doesn’t look like Positive Grid is going to ever address this issue of x drummer full version showing up when you press the icon in fx.

  • Not only It’s still not fixed, it the worst App at crashing issues
    IMO the newest iPad, it crashes after I try importing music, or try using bias fix,or basically anything,it crashes and won’t let me open I have to delete 3 times already and I’ve only used it a handful of times,
    I was ready to buy bias fx 2 I have bias amp 2 I also have all sets of drums as I thought it was a great way to jam with drums that I can customise,.... if this is how Positive/Negative grid is going to look after customers
    I’m out and I’ll get a different setup for my music recordings, practice effects etc
    Ver disappointed