Easiest way to share presets

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    I have to do a lot of switching between computers. I need to be able to send presets to some easy to access place, ideally dropbox.

    Is there some better way than logging into tonecloud, typing all your info and waiting for the menu lag?

    Are the presets stashed somewhere on the disk?

  • @pipelineaudio can you do a backup? I just backup to Dropbox and restor from it later

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    How do you do a backup?

  • In the IOS version of BIAS FX, you can go to "Settings", then "Preset Backup", then you have the option to "Backup Preset to Dropbox".

    This will create an "Apps" folder in Dropbox, with a subfolder name of "Bias FX". In this folder is a zip file named 'tmp_presetBackup.zip". I'm guessing this is a backup of all of the presets, not just the one active when I sent to Dropbox.

    This option is not available in BIAS AMP though, looks like you'd need to move the preset from BIAS AMP to BIAS FX, then send to Dropbox.

    (there's also an option for "Restore Presets from Dropbox" - I have not tried this option)

    And, I don't know if this is the same on other platforms like Windows or Mac.

  • Things would be much easier with a automatic-sync option, using the Tonecloud :/