Clean My Mac user WARNING!

  • Hi all,
    I noticed that Clean my Mac can cause a Bias Amp2 crash: suddenly, it does not want to start.

    For now I have unchecked in "User cache files":
    • Bias Amp 2 cache memory
    • Bias FX cache memory
    • BIAS FX folder
    But that does not solve the problem.

    If someone has the same problem, don't panic.
    PG's team gave me the solution to restart BIAS Amp 2:

    • Locate the program on your Drive, drag it to Trash Can and done.

    • Next, delete these files and folders:
    / Users / [User_name] / Documents / PositiveGrid / BIAS_Amp2 (folder)
    /Users/[User_name]/Library/ApplicationSupport/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2.settings (file)

    Attention, if you do not want to lose your pesets copy / Users / [User_name] / Documents / PositiveGrid / BIAS_Amp2 (folder) on your desktop and replace it after the first start.

    If someone finds out what is the thing to change, that would be great.
    I try to find the solution.

    Now play !!!