Bias Amp not being displayed on cubase 5

  • Hi,

    I don't know what is happening but I keep installing and uninstalling Bias Amp to get it to work with cubase but it doesn't work : Bias Amp is not in my VST plug-in list.
    Weirdly enough, it did fine when I was using Ableton 9 throught 10. Also, i don't know if that may help but when uninstalling I always get the "could not deactivate/uninstal the license" prompt.
    Does anyone has any idea what my problem could be ?

  • I suppose you have checked that Bias Amp exists in the same folder as the other VST:s that do figure in the list?

  • Hi,
    same problem here.
    Win 7/SP 1 64bit + Cubase 5.1
    Installation as a standalone - no problems to open Bias Amp2.
    Installation as a vst plugin - can't be found in plugin list.
    And yes, I've checked the right path to the vst folder. It seems the bias_amp2_x64.dll can't be read by cubase.
    So what to do ?


  • Moderator

    Please send us a ticket here , thanks!

  • Did you worked it out, yet? Solution?

    I got the same problem with Bias FX.