Bias FX under Snapshot Control Video

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    This is really to show the potential of what Bias FX could be.

    I'm using an external script (LBX Stripper) to do this, but it would be so much nicer if Bias FX could do this natively. I dream of a day when you could have only Bias FX, no need for other plugins, DAW's or scripts.

    As awesome as this would be for the VST version, it would be even more powerful compared to other standalones. And it would be an absolute dominator compared to the other iOS apps

    Even with the script there are some limitations that I had to work around and some that just really couldn't be overcome nicely

    1. FX blocks in Bias FX are not on and off, but toggled. This can lead to logic errors, as midi control simply flips the state, so if it was in the correct state at patch load time, yo uare out of luck as now it will often be flipped to the new state. This is absolute murder on the wah for instance
    2. You cannot assign more than one parameter to one of the 20 automation parameter slots. If you wanted to switch on two FX with one control, you are out of luck, though a snapshot could do it, this is still something that should be looked at
      3.No wah auto engage. This script can actually do it, but it is external to BiasFX
      4.Amp on off toggle cannot be assigned to the 20 automation parameter slots
    3. When you first load a project, BiasFX has to be opened so its GUI is showing at least once, or some or all of the midi controls will have no effect.

    Still, this shows what it can do! Pretty much instant, gapless, mostly glitchless switching!