Why does BIAS FX/Amp sounds different through headphones than active speakers

  • It doesn't sounds real through headphones, but sounds like a real amp through active speakers.
    Since both speakers and headphones are both direct output, i think they supposedly produce the same result but they didn't in my experience.
    What do you think?

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    Headphones often have a single paper or poly speaker per driver, which handles filtering out a lot of the fizz you need a cabinet for on guitar, leading to some false impressions. What impulse or cabinet model are you using?

  • @pipelineaudio I use the internal cabs, most of the time it is the treadplate model. So no IR's.
    I wonder how do guys on the Internet get a realistic sound going from guitar-interface-BIAS-DAW?

  • @pipelineaudio The only way i can think of is they mic their monitor or active speakers but didn't tell us.
    Could that be?

  • It sounds very different for me too. I haven't checked yet but I have so far put it down to a compatibility problem between iRig HD2 and the headphones (80 ohm DT 770 Beyerdynamic). I just never come around to testing.

  • @john idk about compatibility man. But do you experience some sort of noise, of rippling sound? Mine works fine through any headphones or active speakers, but somehow it just doesn't sounds like a mic'd isolated guitar track through headphones.
    For example if i were to play an isolated guitar track, they both sounds the same through headphones or speakers.
    But on BIAS the headphones output sounds like a toy compared to through speakers.
    I have fiddled with the speaker/headphones setting on BIAS FX too. Doesn't seem change anything.

  • I don't mean to be disrespectful but is this question real? Maybe I am not getting it but the answer is there in the question right?

    Who expects two radically different speakers to sound the same? or Even remotely close?

    Why does the paint look different on my wall than on this cardboard sample...

  • @alderre You just don't get it man.
    I'm talking about two similar type of output (headphones and speakers are both direct output) producing different results.
    Completely different.
    Just wanna know am i the only one experiencing this.

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    Wait is this like bias head or bias rack? I was assuming you were talking about the plugins. The forum software doesn’t easilymtell you

  • Hi @Leo-Gunawan-DDz,
    it depends on your speakers and headphones.
    If speakers and headphones have a different broadcast frequency, the sound will be really different.

    With studio speakers and quality headphones, I assure you there is no difference.
    Best regards

  • Wouldn’t the fact that speakers are projecting into a room and headphones are projecting into your head make a difference?

  • @pipelineaudio It's the plugin man. BIAS FX and Amp

  • @thadengle AFAIK BIAS is a simulation of a recorded mic'd cab sound. Just like an isolated guitar track. An isolated guitar track sounds the same played through headphones or speakers, off course there can be difference but mostly it is just in the EQ curve.
    But in BIAS the difference is not only in EQ but also in quality, the headphones out lacks the "realness".

  • @leo-gunawan-ddz That is how it is for me too. With the Celestion sims active (or any other speaker simulation). As I said I blame the interface/headphones but I haven't given it time to try out. I don't believe it's Bias, seems impossible to me. Can't think the choice between headphones or powered speakers can affect Bias.

  • @alderre : yup. Guitartists need to listen to acoustic instruments more and through different speaker configurations and realize those sounds [] don't change [] . They may sound slightly different, but they don't sound like something else. Something inherently wrong with overdrive, perhaps electric guitar.

  • I have also noticed this. It is not just the headphone. I suspect it is because Bias is not outputting a ‘full resolution’ (for want of a better descriptor) signal through the analog headphones signal path. Does anybody have a HD connector that has a jack that is wired to overcome this, and is that even possible? Note that the cheaper physical interfaces sound inferior through your amp for precisely this reason as they are using the analog headphone signal path and not full pipeline through the lightning connector.