Powered Bias Rack - HYPER LOUD DI output, not so loud Cab Output

  • Hi everyone!
    I run a powered bias Rack.
    I was expecting something more powerfull from the Cab output... But can live with it.

    Last show I played, I switched the rack to paralelle mode to be able to send signal to console and cab at the same time.
    I discovered that the output from the DI XLR is LOUD AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! but not the Cab output...
    I had to drop down the volume to get an ok sound in the console, but by doing this, i was hardly earing the cab......

    Is there a way to set the DI output linear? or is my amp having a problem?
    was playing with a power amp mesa boogie 50-50 before and I never push it over 4. Now with the Bias, need to push it to 10 to get something close.........

    Tnx everyone!

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    @dany-soucy Are you running it through a 16ohm cab? Normally the signal from DI Line-Outputs shouldn't be much louder than Speaker-Output unless the signal is directed to a mixer or any amplifier-based equip.

  • Setup is:
    8 Ohm cab connected into Speaker OUT from Bias Rack.
    Console connected into XLR DI Out LEFT.
    Bias Rack Cab Sim is set in Parallel Mode.
    No matter the preset i choose, I need to push the OUTPUT button to 9 to get a good power from the Cab.
    But if the OUTPUT button is at 9, the signal coming out from the XLR is WAY TOO LOUD for any live console. It make it sound like crap, it clip or create distortion. I need to lower the OUTPUT to around 4-5 MAX to get a clean/nice sound from the XLR into the Live Console. But by doing this, I can't ear my cab anymore. It is not even as loud as If I put my old Mesa 50-50 at 1.......

    If I play without any live console, in the jam room with my band, I need to push the OUTPUT button down to 10 to be able to ear my cab. And it's not because the band play loud.... there is only the drum.

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    This is weird...Hopefully I get a chance today to look at any documentation available on how the routing for the Bias hardware works exactly. I figured they'd have pretty divorced paths from each other but it doesn't sound like it from your posts

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    @dany-soucy Please create a support ticket here https://help.positivegrid.com/hc/en-us/requests/new , and we will try to figure things out for you!

  • @dany-soucy

    I've the same setup for live use, but a power bias head instead of rack. I use a 16ohm cabinet and the XLR in paralelle mode for going to our in ear system. Head Output level is on 5,5 and that is very loud with a metal preset.

    If you go into the software and change the master level of the cabinet, it changes the volume of the DI XLR output.

    What I did is change the custom knob to cab level, so I can adjust the volume of DI XLR output live if I want to for each preset.

  • @lord-doombringer What I did. Work better, tnx a lot!!!