Anything above 96khz and loss of distortion and tone

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    power and sleep settings/change plan settings/ change advanced plan settings

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    I havent said it directly, but I guess I should be clear: if you are getting ANY red lines in those DPC checkers, I would not use that system in front of a client in its present state. It absolutely needs to be dealt with. Sweetwater has a rough overview, SOS has some general guides, the guys at the reaper forum are absolute OCD fanatics about finding what it is, several resources available, but any real DPC spike and its DO NOT PASS GO. Like not taking a cross country trip when you are missing a wheel on your car, its that critical

  • @pipelineaudio Thanks found it - changing processor power management seems to have no effect seems to have no effect on audio playback hiccups.

    Edit: Roger on DPC checks - will take it one issue at a time.

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    Honestly, aside from figuring out exactly how to mount the computer, this is the subject that keeps me from marketing my own, turnkey computer based pedalboards. You could have it perfect, then a windows update comes out and just wipes out everything and makes an unstable system....Hopefully positive grid will build it instead

  • SOLVED! Soaking overnight in Bourbon did the trick - same as with new harps.
    But seriously - it was as simple as firmware update - now it operates flawlessly.

    Actually the issue is back but that is with full load. I need to study it with LatencyMon but it seems that what really makes a difference (for the worse) is running Windows 7 emulation using Hyper-V Microsoft virtual machine. If that program is running then it is goodbye to USB audio. Without it the crackling problem is manageable.

    As suggested I downloaded and started evaluating Reaper. So far I am very impressed - U44 works like a charm with it. And I managed to transfer some VST plugins - not all - old Mackie Final Mix which was one of my favs does not seem to import correctly. May need to find something equivalent for Reaper.