Pay again for the iPhone Bias Amp app if I already have it on iPad?

  • Hello,
    Given that i already have the BIAS AMP 2 (i did the upgrade) app for the ipad, why do I have to pay again full price for the same app in the iPhone? With JamUp pro it is not the case, so I would be grateful if someone from Positive Grid gives me an answer on that. I think people that have already bought it on the ipad they should getting it for free on the iphone.

  • Can anyone please help me with this???

  • @mehegama Hello. I am also interested in this issue. You didn't get an answer?

  • Yes I had to buy it on both platforms to try it on the iPhone - Bias Amp was NOT made as a universal app for some reason but for sure it SHOULD have been

  • @chijefski I did. They just said the two apps are different and I cannot also get a reduced price or anything.. I don't understand this as both JamUp and Bias FX now are both universal apps. Wee really need to push them on this. It is ridiculous, especially for consumers like myself where I have almost every app they have in ios.

  • @mehegama Agreed. I also have all their apps on iPad (SIAS FX, BIAS AMP 2, JamUpPro, X-Drummer). Could at least make a discount. Especially in the BIOS FX all my purchases in the iPad automatically switched to the iPhone. Maybe in the future they will make the AMP 2 BIOS universal. Wait.